Payment Options

Cash & Credit Card
The most accepted form of payment is cash or credit card. In fact many dentists that offer special pricing for full cash payments. If you are looking comparing prices or rates, you should ask a dentist to see if they offer discounts for all cash payments.

With the changes in the US health care, most Americans are not forced to have health insurance. Many health plans now include dental coverage. For those that do not have dental insurance or coverage and need help paying for costly treatments you will be happy to know that many dentists accept CreditCare, or other dental financing options that let you pay in increments over a period of time. If this is something you are looking for you best option would be to call and speak to your dentist to get the most accurate information.

Good news, if you do have dental coverage their are dentist that accept your plan and we can help you find them. No need to call around, we work with a network of dentists and are able to help you find the best dentist that accepts your specific plan.
Popular dental insurance providers Include (but not limited to):