FAQ & Dental Emergency Tips

Can dental pain be life threatening?
Dental pain can be severe. If you have a serious injury and life-threatening trauma you should call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room immediately. If you are experiencing extreme swelling or bleeding you should seek emergency services no matter the day or time. Your life can be at risk.

How to tell if you have a dental emergency?
Any injury to the gums or teeth can become an urgent matter. These types of pains should not be ignored as they can develop into a more serious matter that can cause permanent damage or require more extensive procedures in the future. If you are in pain that effects your face or mouth and has reached an unbearable state that prevents you from functioning in any tasks that are normal to your life, you should seek immediate dental care.

What do I do if my tooth got knocked out?
Timing is very important. You must respond as quick as you can to ensure that your tooth has chance to survive. Experts say that it is possible to reinstate a tooth if:
• Tooth is found and handled properly
• Only touch the tooth from the top
• Place tooth into cold whole milk NOT WATER with a tiny bit of salt
• Go a dentist ASAP, call to find a dentist open 24/7
Your best chances are when your tooth is returned to its socket and treated within 1 hour of the time it was knocked out.

What do I do if I cracked or broke my tooth?
A cracked tooth can be very painful. The first thing you should do is save any pieces and add them to milk or to use a product called Save a Tooth. Then rinse your mouth out. Many dentist advise using warm salty water. Rinse and repeat followed by cold compression on the area that is swollen. If there is bleeding, apply pressure and gauze help encourage clotting Then call a dentist and seek immediate dental treatment

How to prevent dental accidents?
There are very easy solutions you can implement to reduce the risk of an dental accident to your teeth:
• When playing sports, wear a mouth or dental guard.
• Do not eat hard foods like ice, popcorn kernels and hard candy
• Do not use your teeth as an tool to cut or to help open things

What do I do if my filling fell out?
If you lost a dental filling, the best temporary solution would be to use a piece of sugarless gum to fill the cavity. DO NOT use gum with sugar as will cause more pain. After that you should call to find a dentist that can professionally fill the cavity and elevate your pain.

What do I do if lost my crown?
If your crown fell out and you still have it, please keep it and take it your dentist as soon as possible. If your dentist is closed. You can call and find a local 24 hour dentist that can help repair your tooth. The next best solution is to properly clean the crown and to use over-the-counter and reinstate the crown your self, please speak with your dentist before attempting.

How to repair broken braces?
If the wires broke or if a bracket has fallen off you should all your orthodontist asap. If your orthodontist does not provide 24 hour emergency services, you are encouraged to call our toll-free number to help find a orthodontist open that can help.

There are a few DIY options available if the wire or brace had broke or come loose. If the brace has dislodged and is causing discomfort, you can try using a pencil eraser to push the wire till you have reached comfort. If the piece can not be moved you can apply over the counter dental wax or some type of barrier like gauze till your next appointment.

Is my tooth infected?
If you have what appears to be an infection (pimple-like swelling) at the root or in the space between your teeth and gum it is likely to be an Abscess. An abscess should be treated immediately by a dentist as they can damage tissue and the infection can travel to other parts of your body creating a life-threatening situation. If you believe you have an infection you should call your dentist now. If you do not have a dentist please call the toll-free number to find a dentist that can see you today.

Are there free dentist for low income people?
While many of our dentists do NOT offer free services, there are alternative solutions available. Did you know that many dental schools offer FREE or VERY AFFORDABLE dental services. Your best option is to call and check with the local dental schools in your area. We have complied a list of reputable dental schools in the United States that may provide alternative solutions better suit to your needs.